Charles Xu

I am a full-stack developer . The majority of my experience is in Java and C .

I am interested in using technology to make our lives more fun and enjoyable .

I have a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Toronto .





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Other Notable Mentions

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto - Toronto, Canada

I was hired as a teaching assistant for multiple courses such as CSCA48 Introduction to Computer Science II.

This course teaches students about different data structures and the efficiency of each ADT operation performed on said data stucture.

I was in charge of hosting a weekly tutorial for 30 students to review the concepts covered in class.

Jan 2020 to Sept 2022

Technician & Retail Worker

NCIX Netlink Computer Inc. - First Markham Place - Markham, Canada

During my cooperative work term, I was hired as a technician for the computer retail company Netlink Computer Inc.

I built computers from scratch according to a customer's personal specifications.

I also debugged broken systems and performed hardware repairs on malfunctioning components.

Sept 2015 to Feb 2016


BlueLite External Plugins


A repository filled with external plugins that depend on a multithreaded socket server.

Playing with friends is important, and sharing information readily amongst each other can be helpful during crucial times.

This project establishes a connection between parties that allows information to be sent in-between.

April 2020

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Karaoke Bar

JavaScript - Node - Express - Java - MySQL

Karaoke Bar was done in collaboration with my fellow peer Eugene Wong.

We all know what karaoke is. Sing and enjoy a song to your favourite tune.

KaraokeBar offers scoring based on FFT matching and speech recognition combined with the edit distance algorithm.

KaraokeBar offers streaming, you can broadcast your voice and your song to an audience live!

Image Guessing Game

Java - DV8FromTheWorld/JDA

This is an image guessing game made for the Universe Discord Server to play during Christmas 2019.

Images would be pulled from online media sources such as ZeroChan, Pixiv, AlphaCoders, etc.

Images would be uploaded to the server, piece of piece, and users would guess what the image is about.

December 2019

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Gauntlet Assistant

Java - runelite/runelite-client

Gauntlet is a minigame where users have to explore a dungeon and slay crystalline monsters.

This add-on will track all rooms that the user explores and report it back to them.

This add-on will also provide the user with essential information regard the state of the dungeon.

July 2019

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RuneLite External Plugins

Java - runelite/runelite-client

A repository filled with small add-ons for the popular gaming platform RuneLite.

Users can view the path and landing spots of projectiles in the game.

Users can change their report button to show additional information such as in-game time.

May 2019

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Minecraft Name Sniper

Java - MySQL

Karaoke Bar was done in collaboration with my fellow peer James Wang.

Back in Feburary 2015, Minecraft accounts gained the ability to change their character's display name.

MCSniper is a system that would then attempt to snipe (be the first entity to claim) the character names once it became available.

This project was the fastest sniper on the market, beating all competition consistently.

October 2015

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Fun School Projects

Robot Soccer

C - EV3 Lego Mindstorm

A hand held robot is placed in an arena with nothing but its gears.

The robot must attempt to score the ball into the opponment's goal.

The robot is controlled by an AI using image recognization with feed from a remote webcam.

December 2019

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Markov Localization

C - EV3 Lego Mindstorm

A hand held robot is placed on a colourful maze with nothing but wheels and a color sensor.

This robot must find it's way to the corner of the maze.

The robot can only travel on the black roads and cannot exit the city.

October 2019

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Piano Tiles

Quartus 2 - Assembly - Cyclone IV FPGA DE2 Board

A remake of the popular mobile game Piano Tiles on a DE2 board.

Tiles will fall from the top of the screen to the bottom. Each column will correspond to KEY switches on the DE2 board.

Press the key for the corresponding column before the tile fully disappears to clear it.

The game is over when a tile is not cleared before it fully disappears.

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